Slim Design Blog


This is the Slim Design Blog, where you can find out what we have been up to recently. We post regularly about our projects as well as industry news from design, web and garment decoration.

We are a team of graphic designers, web designers and garment decorators based in Torquay. Providing all services for customer-facing image, we like to keep up to date with industry trends and show everyone what we are creating. Our Designers Alex, Steve and Samuel are very different in their approaches, which leads to varied and interesting outcomes in design for print and web, as well as three-dimensional products such as design for packaging, garments and signage.The Slim Design garment decorators, Simon, Paul, Jane and Izaak have a great eye for detail and love to create quality garments that will last.

Slim Design is the only place in Torquay to get design, web and garment decoration.